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Postcard advertising can be extremely cost effective. By sending them once a month or even once a quarter, you keep reminding your potential customers over and over about your company.

Custom Promotions Inc. has the expertise to make your postcard advertising campaign a success.

How We Will Design Your Postcard
postcard design example
  • Your postcard message will be short, powerful, and memorable.
  • Your graphics will be crisp and attractive.
  • Your postcard will demand to be picked up from the bundle of mail it arrives in.
  • Our creative team will customize your postcard to any size, shape or dimension.


Brochures can be a powerful compliment to other sales and marketing materials. They can be placed on public display or mailed to your customers. If well designed, your brochure will lead potential clients to request more information.

How We Will Design Your Brochure
brochure design example
  • First, we'll help you define a distinct purpose for your brochure.
  • Then we'll display your content so your target audience takes the action you want them to take.
  • Your brochure will contain strong sentences that are easy to read.
  • We'll also focus on the benefits you can provide.
  • And we'll make sure your brochure has an attention-grabbing headline.

Most brochure layouts folded are 4" x 9". The number of panels is determined by the amount of information needed. Anywhere from a single card to a four-panel brochure may be specified.

Your brochure can be folded in a number of ways.
A three-panel or four-panel brochure will traditionally use a roll fold. The four-panel brochure may also use a z-fold.